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Hot topics in VISULOX 3.1.3




This version includes more than 100 small improvements and fixes.


Highlights in this version are:




New BigUpload

Bigupload is a rsync/ssh interface to allow upload of large files like VMs or ISO images. These files are not recorded in the VISULOX archive with their content, but the upload who, when, what is guaranteed.


New Group Access

Within the Access Policy an access group can be defined. Each access group has a supervisor, who sees who is online and can grant access within the group defined time frame.
For example: A project has a project manager, an LDAP Group with members, some applications and a time frame. The access group now presents all these users and the project manager can enable the access.


New Session Chat

During a cooperation it is now possible to chat between the cooperation partners. The chat is documented in the event list. The chat also works in Dual Control.


Extended Keystroke recording

Keystroke recording is one of the classic features in VISULOX. New is, that keystroke recording now can be enabled independently from recording into films.


Extended Dual Control

Also, a classic feature - the enforced four eye principal now allows to invite extra observation partners. A Dual Control set consist of Dual Control members. If these members are online, the session is unlocked. If these members can invite additionally experts, this expert must not be a member of the Dual Control group. Or in other words: the Dual Control group can invite an extra assistance from another user. This user has no control of the session.

And many other things ...


VISULOX extends Oracle Secure Global Desktop with features to control privileged users accessing cloud service or any other IT-environment.  See also "VISULOX and one time passcode"


Advantages of OSGD in a glance.